Since 1980, Beverly Novick has worked with many clients to redesign pieces of their valuable and valued treasures. The complexity of each redesign is different and it can range from creating a simple layout of charms surrounding a link bracelet to developing complex models for reconfiguring unworn pieces of jewelry with many precious stones. Redesign continues to be an integral and natural part of Beverly’s daily work.

Precious jewelry passed down from generation to generation, although sometimes very beautiful, may be outdated and no longer something a new owner would choose to wear.  A pervasive theme among clients is that their pieces of jewelry have value, intrinsic or sentimental, but regardless, they are seen as special. On some level, it seems wasteful to let a jewel lie fallow, while the spirit of the gem goes unnoticed sitting in a vault or jewelry box. Redesigning a piece of jewelry creates something new and beautiful and wearable once again, and the owner can feel its history with every appreciative glance. Redesign can allow one to achieve a beautiful result, often with a modest investment.

Redesigning jewelry is a collaboration between the designer and the client. The practiced eye of the designer and clear communication with a client are crucial to repurposing jewelry and completing new and fresh works of art. Trust is key in developing a positive result and successful outcome.
One major difference between design and redesign is that the former enables Beverly the freedom to use her instincts and imagination to create something from nothing, and the latter provides a structure for the designer to focus on the existing elements. Redesign, is a process that comes naturally and intuitively to an experienced designer and it needs to evolve in an uncontrived way.
The perfect candidate for redesign can range from a woman who wants to use the stones from a dated brooch, turning it into elegant earrings, to a man who seeks to incorporate a jewel he inherited into an exquisite ring to be given as an engagement gift.

One of Beverly recent clients inherited a 30 carat, gem quality aquamarine stone from her mother. She wanted to share it with her sister. As part of the redesign, the stone was meticulously cut into two matching stones and a ring with white gold and diamonds was developed for each sister. The expertise of the lapidary enhanced the gem adding to the stone’s quality. The new rings showcased the aquamarine and the process created two cherished and precious mementos.

As part of her ongoing services, Beverly provides free redesign consultations.