Example: Amethyst Brooch reimagined

My client had recently been gifted an antique brooch. She explained that although the gift had great sentiment, she couldn't picture herself wearing it, as she preferred a modern vibe.

Presently, the brooch was in shiny yellow gold and configured in a horizontal position.

For the brooch I suggested that in order to reflect more of her personal style we would make the following changes:

  • COLOR- change the yellow gold to white gold
  • FINISH-change the shiny finish to a softer, satin finish giving it a, “cool vibe”
  • ORIENTATION-change the original, horizontal position to a vertical one, by adding an all important bale and making it into a detachable pendant.
Along with the brooch, my client brought in a choker strand of large, blue/grey baroque pearls. Her focus here, was two-fold:
  • 1- to replace the existing basic yellow gold clasp with a modern design in white gold
  • 2- restring the pearls, removing two to be designed into a new pair of earrings.

This changed the game for her...in only one consultation which took approximately 1 hour.
During that time, we agreed on the redesign for the brooch, a new clasp for her pearls and a design for the new pair of pearl earrings. The work took 10 days to complete.