Example: Engagement Ring Redesign - Tale for Two Sisters

The Journey
What began its life as a classically beautiful diamond ring surrounded by small white diamonds and scalloped enamel work, unfolded in a tale for two sisters. The original ring belonged to her great grandmother but it was gifted to her by her grandmother whose inheritance it had been and was now passing it on to both of her granddaughters. It had great sentiment, naturally!

 Here is the journey from that ring to these two iterations:

One sister, SIENNA, was given the large, center diamond to be made into a new ring for her engagement. Sienna wanted an 18k yellow gold ring with a modern three stone design. As a young couple just starting out, to keep costs down she decided to add side trillions of smokey topaz instead of brown diamonds. The result was haltingly beautiful.

The other sister, LENA, was given the original ring mounting, now without the center diamond, opening up possibilities for a colored stone of her liking, while still surrounded by small diamonds and scalloped enamel work. For this being an occasional ring, Lena chose a Andalusite Garnet. As a young student, also with a limited budget, this resembled most closely the look of a champagne colored diamond, which Lena liked, but without the higher cost. The result was dramatic and quite magnificent!