In the fine jewelry space Beverly Novick has often been referred to as one of New York’s best kept secrets. Her secret sauce is offering unique one-of-a-kind pieces, bespoke and custom redesign of heirloom jewelry. Beverly’s extensive knowledge of rare pearls, precious gems and specialized finishes on metals speaks to an innate sense of color, design and composition.

Beverly’s extensive knowledge and passion for pearls, ranging from organic South Sea to black Tahitian Keshi, began in the 1980′s even before they were in vogue. Her specialty is infusing the classic with the unexpected, resulting in modern, relevant silhouettes. Beverly’s signature is a simple diamond, burnished in the pearl’s natural contour to resemble a dimple. This little surprise – unique to each wearer – reflects a devil is in the details approach which is her underlying magic.

A smorgasbord of color, finishes and textures all work together as she imagines her canvas waiting to be created.
Envisioning finishes in matte black rhodium, shiny green gold, rose gold with hammered silver textures, her pieces take on an energy and aesthetic that reflects her signature style.

Beverly lives and works in New York where she continues to draw inspiration from the world around her.